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Expands the global presence with Melbourne branch iv. Post image: Please use an alternative image without using the image on the link

October 15, 2022

LAYOUTindex, Sri Lanka’s bespoke software solutions company, has set another milestone for its operations and for the entire industry, as it opens its doors to the Australian market with the launch of its first branch in Melbourne.

Since its inception in 2014, LAYOUTindex has continued to work with several high-profile clients in Australia, building a name for itself as a positive disruptor within the Australian technology space. In an effort to maintain a physical presence in an extremely competitive market, this move is anticipated to reaffirm confidence of LAYOUTindex’s stakeholders, signalling to them that LAYOUTindex is here to stay.

LAYOUTindex is confident that its unrivalled experience in working with world renowned brands, backed by cutting edge technologies and team expertise will ensure that its valued clients will be provided with state-of-the-art software solutions.

The move represents the culmination of LAYOUTindex’s strife to take the locally founded company to the international limelight. Following the acquisition of top corporate brands in Sri Lanka as clients, LAYOUTindex placed a firm focus on working on projects which allowed for exponential growth.

LAYOUTindex CEO Ruchira Pathirana said: “Opening our first branch in Australia is something that came naturally to all of us here at LAYOUTindex. As Australia and New Zealand are continuing to strengthen their business relationships by default, we have taken our first steps towards making our mark in this region by developing our Melbourne office as LAYOUTindex’s headquarters for Australasia, located at 55 Crockford St, Port Melbourne. Through valued partnerships with Australian tech companies before such an expansion was even on the cards, LAYOUTindex secured the trust of this vibrant market. We believe there’s a lot we can offer to the Australian market and even though we are taking baby steps in this new playing field, we strive to leave lasting impressions,”

LAYOUTindex offers a wide range of products and services which include bespoke software development, UI/UX, QA and testing, cloud hosting and infrastructure, support and maintenance and a whole range of management systems. It offers its clients a holistic suite of ammunition required to trailblaze through the digital space. LAYOUTindex is also a pioneer and a beacon in the market for omnichannel solutions which includes mobile apps, integrated POS, web apps and back-office apps which includes integration with world renowned software.

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