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Omnichannel Enhancing The Customer Experience with Multi Channel Engagement

October 15, 2022

Technology has evolved from being an enabler of a plethora of digital customer journeys and experiences to a bridge of seamless integrations that facilitate a convenient customer experience. Retailers & E-Commerce vendors no longer have to rely on channels of engagement that work independently of each other. The mindset where brands look at online stores and brick-and-mortar stores as separate channels is shifting towards a more holistic approach where brands look to engage customers through multiple channels. The notion that online purchases could only be dealt through online interactions and in-store purchases had nothing to do with the brand’s online presence is changing. Omnichannel aims to provide a unified customer experience that cuts across digital and physical channels.

An omnichannel approach could be used in enterprise software, retail applications or any use case that requires high engagement and availability across different channels. This is an area that should be given great emphasis by any leading enterprise software solution company.

A common example of this approach would be the Starbucks Rewards app. They have adopted a multi-channel approach in their app that has revolutionized loyalty programs. Rewards could be redeemed through any channel, they could be used to purchase products on mobile phones, the website, and the store. The multiple channel approach greatly improved the customer or user experience as physical gift cards were only redeemable in-store and online purchase rewards where only redeemable through the mobile app & website prior to omnichannel.

Omnichannel Delivers a Consistent Customer Experience

In the present business landscape, an excellent customer experience provides a competitive edge. Many businesses strive to compete with each other on the basis of providing a superior customer experience or user experience (UX) where technology is concerned. A multi-channel approach in combination with automation and analytics provides a range of exciting possibilities. Omnichannel allows retailers to identify customers as they visit the brick-and-mortar store, understand shopping behavior through analytics, & helps them provide a personalized service in addition to enhanced cross-platform marketing and visibility.

Engaging customers through a single interface means that for instance, a customer purchasing online could only offer feedback online and those who bought products in-store had to go back to the store to exchange their products. Despite the fact that the business is available on multiple platforms, customers are only able to engage through the platform they made the purchase through. Omnichannel has revolutionized the customer experience by changing all of this. It enables retailers to provide multiple touchpoints in an integrated unified platform. Customers could make purchases online and pick up an exchanged product in-store or vice versa.

The benefits of omnichannel extend beyond mere purchases, a unified platform could include POS, customer support, online order management, social media, e-commerce, & advertising which can provide a deeper understanding of the customer journey. This information could be vital in the decision-making process and assist marketing endeavors. In a nutshell, omnichannel helps you reach and engage customers at the right time and place which is a deciding factor in today’s competitive business landscape.

With the rapid advancement of technology, consumers demand interactive engagement. Shoppers often check product information online before making the decision to purchase. These multiple touchpoints could be leveraged to engage customers and enhance loyalty. Providing a highly personalized customer experience is the best way forward as the retail sector is poised to grow exponentially. Omnichannel provides retailers and customers alike with a unified platform that keeps every interaction interconnected resulting in happy customers and ultimately an increase in revenue.

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