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On-demand laundry & dry cleaning cloud solution

Washapp, Sri Lanka's First-Ever On-Demand Laundry & Dry Cleaning App that picks up, clean & deliver freshly cleaned clothing whenever & wherever you want. Washapp was a first of its kind on-demand laundry solution developed by LAYOUTindex. This is the first-ever digitally-enabled laundry service in Sri Lanka that targets tech-savvy users in the country by providing on-demand pickup & delivery services for laundry.

Sales Channels
iOS Application
Android application
Web application


Washapp did not have an interactive digital platform to effectively engage with mobile users


They did not have an effective & powerful online presence with an innovative digital marketing technique to reach desktop users.


Needed a technical platform to manage pick-up and order management.


The company needed a user-friendly mobile application that supports iOS and Android devices to facilitate an on-demand laundry pickup service. 


A back-office to maintain and manage records. 


Washapp was Sri Lanka’s first-ever digital platform that introduced door-to-door on-demand laundry and dry cleaning services. Educating the customers to migrate from the traditional way of doing laundry was one of the biggest challenges they faced.

Being a pioneer in the market they had to gain a significant market share by competing with traditional laundry service providers.

Technology used

Schedule your pickup
Create your own basket/ Add to the cart
Pick up your drop date and time


A user-friendly web application and mobile application


A digital ecosystem with a search option to easily place orders.


An interactive experience for users that facilitates to schedule pick-up and delivery of their laundry.


An e-commerce system that works as easy as adding orders to a cart and then check-out


A back-office that facilitates the administrative staff to track and manage their orders easily.


LAYOUTindex provided an attractive and easy to use web application and mobile application to Washapp for their new venture.

The platform delivered a number of new capabilities for Washapp that facilitated all segments of the company’s business activities including order management, pricing, scheduling pick-up and delivery, record maintenance and more other features.

Back office
Business Analysis & Roadmap
Back Office for Laundry Products
Back Office for Washing Plant
Order Management Module
Back Office for Logistics
Customer Management Module
Time Management Module


Customer retention and increased sales due to the interactive and convenient system. 


Systematized business operations.


More convenient scheduling with synchronized data throughout various system components.


Location-based tracking and efficient and timely delivery 


A complete order management system. 


Manage customers easily. 


The bespoke solution included a user-friendly web application and a mobile app for its users that facilitated hassle-free laundry, despite their busy work schedules. 

Success Stories

Our customers love what we do

I had a brand new concept of introducing an on-demand laundry service in Sri Lanka that allows people to use a mobile app or website to book a pickup service to collect dirty laundry and drop off clean, freshly ironed clothes. After months of searching for a full service digital agency that will work with me to create, launch and market this solution, I came across LAYOUTindex.

LAYOUTindex from day one have always kept me in the loop and gotten my feedback whilst simultaneously suggesting design and functionality improvements. They have been very patient in entertaining many of my requests and have been highly responsive whenever I needed to get in touch. The management team coordinated with me all the time during development of the website, mobile apps and other back-end systems so that everyone was kept in the loop and the launch went off without a hitch. I am grateful to LAYOUTindex for bringing my concept to reality and providing me with a solution that has only gotten me positive feedback.

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Kalhara Hapuarachchi
Chief Executive Officer

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